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What is in the Rainbow Loom Kit?

What is in the Rainbow Loom Kit is investigated by Rriiver Nyile, a homeschooled youth, who is very excited about this new kid craft. He is going to dive deep into the mystery of this exciting new rubber band craft that kids are going crazy over-especially girls.

But, boys like this fun craft, too.  Rriiver has plans for his assortment of rubber band bracelets.  He intends to get all of the color twistz Bandz Refills with C- Clips to make all of his favorite NFL, NBA and MLB teams. (Luckily, he makes his own money.  Otherwise, it would be a little costly for his parents.)

Then, he plans to make custom Rainbow Loom Bracelets for his friends. They can pick out their favorite colors and he will design a special rubber band bracelet just for them for a small fee of about $1. He is going to share a demonstration video in a future post so stay tuned. He has the entrepreneur spirit!

For now, check out this video of  Elon sharing what is in the Rainbow Loom Kit so you can join in the fun if you decide to make your own Rainbow Loom craft . For more information about the Rainbow Loom, see our Rainbow Loom Review.

The Rainbow Loom kit contains the following items to make up to 24 bracelets. Wow,you get a lot of bang for your buck! You can make rings, necklaces, anklets, and even a handbag!

Here are the items that you will find in your Rainbow Loom Kit:

1. One instructional manual
2. One Mini-Rainbow Loom that looks somewhat like a crochet needle
3. Twenty-four c-clips ( this is used to fasten your bracelet)
4. 600 plus mixed color refill twistz bands (It takes 24 Rainbow Loom Bands to make one bracelet)
5. One Rainbow Loom

The Rainbow Loom instructional manual has some great colorful pictures to help you make simple, single pattern bracelets with the Mini-Rainbow Loom and on the other side you will find some instructional images to make a more complex bracelets using the Rainbow Loom.

You can make rubber brand bracelets in the shape of a diamond, rhombus and even honeycomb. This designs take a little more time and attention but are a lot of fun to make.

Also, you can try the new cool Twistz Bands Refill colors like Neon Green, Glow In The Dark, Neon Orange and Fushia. These are the new  hot bands that kids are using to make some really awesome craft jewelry.

Check Rubber Band Craft Dot Com for instructional videos on the simple and more complex bracelets video and pictorial instructions.

You can also visit our Rubber Band Crafts youtube Channels for more Rainbow Loom instructional videos in the near future.

Safety First-Rainbow Loom is suggested for kids 8 years and above. Please do not let children 5 and below to play with these craft. The rubber bands may cause choking if children 3 and below try to put in their mouth which may cause a choking effect.

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