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Top Rubber Band Craft of 2013-Rainbow Loom

Top Rubber Band Craft of 2013 Rainbow Loom

Top Rubber Band Craft-Rainbow Loom

Do you know the top rubber band craft for 2013? It’s Rainbow Loom formerly known as Twistz Bandz. It is the coolest craft for kids to date! The Rainbow Loom bracelet is the most popular one to make.

There has never been such a craze for rubber bands since the Silly Bandz phenomenon several years ago. With Silly Bandz, kids were going ga, ga over colorful, funny looking bandz that they could wear on their wrist.

Well, Rainbow Loom has taken rubber band bracelets to the next level. Yes, kids, pre-teens, and teens can make their own color rubber band jewelry of various shapes, sizes and colors. This is so much more fun than having bands already made for you. Now, you can create your own special craft jewelry.

Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom was created by Mr. Choon, an engineer by trade. You see, he was on a mission to impress his two girls with a cool modern day rubber craft that would keep them busy, educated and entertained for hours. Who would have know he would be inspiring kids from all over the world with this awesome kid’s craft.

One parent reported just days ago that she and other parents with kids were  in a long line 30 people deep  to get into a store to purchase the hottest kids craft of spring, summer and maybe even Christmas.  Many toys, arts & crafts and educational stores are running out of looms and many of the refill color bands.  They cannot keep them in stock.

No worries, you can find Rainbow Loom, refill color bands, and replacement parts at Amazon.  If you have Amazon prime, they will ship the item for FREE in 2 days! Also, Amazon offers Super-Saver FREE shipping for orders $25 dollars or more.

An online purchase of Rainbow Loom at Amazon will save many parents and grandparents time, money, energy and stress. It is so easy to do and you can have it shipped to your front door in a couple of day.

So, you may be wondering what is so special about Rainbow Loom. Parents love this rubber band craft because it is teaching girls and boys how to make beautiful arts and crafts using math and their imagination! Finally, a kid’s craft that can give video games a run for its money!

Yes, they have great geometric design rhombus, diamond, honeycomb, raindrop and heart shape bracelets, necklace and rings. This kid craft toy is in its infancy. They are creating new interesting and imaginative designs on a daily basis –and your kids can join in the fun now!

Children of all ages adore Rainbow Loom because it is fun using bright colors making jewelry that is unique and different than the traditional rubber band craft jewelry. They even have glow in the dark refill bands that kids can play with at night time. Many kids have friendly band making contest  with their peers.


Are you ready to become a Rainbow Loom Funatic and make some cool craft jewelry?  Here is want you need to start having fun today:

For first timers, you will need to purchase the Rainbow Loom kit. The kit contains everything you need to create bracelets, rings, anklets, necklaces and even a cute little bag.

Enclosed you will find the following:

  1. Instruction manual with pictures
  2. Rainbow Loom
  3. Mini Rainbow Loom
  4. Hook with base opener
  5. A bag of C-Clips
  6. 600 plus of mixed colored rubber bands (You can make about 24 bracelets with this supply!)

There are some additional solid colors you can purchase separately. Each Twistz Bandz color pack contains 600 plus non-latex bands and c-clips.

At Amazon, young people can purchase their favorite colors that have positive and inspirational meanings (this will make every kid feel special at heart):

  1. Purple Bands means- royalty, magic, and truthfulness
  2. Pink Bands means- friendship, love, beauty, and breast cancer awareness
  3. Red Bands means- confidence, courage, and vitality
  4. Caramel Bands means- bold, Autumn, and sweet
  5. Yellow Bands means- strong, courageous, hope, confident, and determined
  6. Turquoise Bands means- clear, open, friendship and happy
  7. Ocean Blue bands means – tropical, peace, relax, and sky
  8. Navy Blue Bands means- Twilight, ocean, and sky
  9. Burgundy Bands means- power, warrior, and warmth
  10. White Bands means- pure, snow, and kindness
  11. Lime Green Bands means- earth, nature, young, relax, and St. Patrick’s Day
  12. Olive Green Bands means – Young, Life, earth, and harmony
  13. Dark Green Bands means- Balance, self-control and Christmas
  14. Grey Bands Means- neutral and intelligent
  15. Orange Bands means- warmth, happiness, Halloween and compassion
  16. Black Bnads means – cool, peace, elegance, Halloween and mysterious
  17. Glow n Dark Bands – Halloween, illumination, energetic, exciting
  18. Mixed Colors Bands  means- unity, harmony, truth, justice, reciprocity, order, and love


Before you go running off to make your purchase for this great educational children’s craft, here are some safety precautions you need to know:

  1. Rainbow Loom is recommended for children 8 years old and above.
  2. It is not recommended for children 3 and below due to choking potential.
  3. The functional hook does have a sharp point.
  4. Don’t wear bracelets around the neck.
  5. If redness of skin develops while wearing the necklace, immediately remove the item. If symptoms worsen, please consult a licensed health professional.


For your information, Rainbow Loom is certified and meets US Toy Safety Standards.

Well, there you have it! Rainbow Loom, the winner of the 2011 Craft and Hobby Association Innovations award, is definitely the top rubber band craft of 2013. This rubber band craft is loved by parents and grandparents because it can teach math and stimulate the imagination for a child’s lifetime of learning.

Kids love Rainbow Loom because it is fun making colorful jewelry that they can show-off to their friends and family. It is a win-win craft toy that both parents and kids can agree upon.






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