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Rainbow Loom vs Fun Loom

Rainbow Loom vs Fun Loom

Rainbow Loom vs Fun Loom

Rainbow Loom vs. Fun Loom is one of the first of two lawsuits that the creator of Rainbow Loom filed. Why is everyone and their mother copying the Rainbow Loom?

It is real simple. The Rainbow Loom Kit is a major hit with the kids and has made the creator, Mr. Ng, a millionaire. Kids are making necklaces, hair ornaments, bracelets, anklets, rings and other unique crafts. The craft ideas are numerous with this great craft toy.

Unfortunately, the enormous success and popularity of the rubber band craft drew a lot of copy-cats that want to take a piece of the financial pie. One major company that Mr. Cheong Choon Ng is facing current legal issues with is Zenacon, the creator of Fun Loom.

Mr. Verona, founder of Zenacon, copied several of Mr. Ng’s products without Mr. Ng’s consent. Not only was the idea copied, but so were the products, such as the much needed “c” hook and the selling of rubber bands separately. Even the selling prices are the same, at $14.99. Fun Loom can make all the same crafts as Rainbow Loom!

Mr. Verona claims that Fun Loom is not exactly the same as Mr. Ng’s, and not only that, but the idea for the craft had been around before; it was nothing original. One major issue Mr. Ng faced when Zenacon copied his product was the use of Mr. Ng’s advertising photos. They are incredibly similar.

The photos Mr. Ng used were that of his family, making the product that much more personal. Zenacon, as previously stated, used nearly identical photos for advertising their Fun Loom product.

Zenacon sells their product, Fun Loom, through other large retail stores, such as Wal-Mart.
Upon creating his novel craft, Mr. Ng immediately got a patent for his idea in 2010. The patent, about 50 claims, clearly states that Mr. Ng was the inventor of the product. Not only was he the inventor, but he held claims to the product, without entitling other companies (such as Zenacon or Cra-Z-Art) to sell without his consent.

The patent is not expired and is still eligible today. Mr. Ng states that Zenacon clearly infringed upon at least 13 of his claims and continues to do so incessantly and willingly, making matters that much more invading to Mr. Ng.

Selling Fun Loom without consent and copying his product outright is what has gotten Zenacon and LaRose Industries LLC into a legal mess. We don’t know what the outcome of Rainbow Loom vs. Fun Loom or Rainbow Loom vs. Crazy Loom will be.

Fortunately, their battle has produced plenty of fun craft toys for your little girl and boy. You can get your Rainbow Loom, Crazy Loom and Fun Loom products at Amazon.

These wonderful rubber band crafts makes an awesome holiday gift and don’t forget to get your supply of extra rubber bands.

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