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Rainbow Loom vs Crazy Loom

Rainbow Loom vs. Crazy Loom is a craft war that has turned the rubber band craft industry upside down. The creators of Rainbow Loom are suing a lot of Rainbow Loom copycats that have popped up from out of the woodwork!


Rainbow Loom Vs. Crazy Loom

Rainbow Loom Vs. Crazy Loom

Rainbow Loom is a rubber band craft that has become the all-time favorite craft activity for children and adults alike, was created by Mr. Cheong Choon Ng in 2010. It has been number one on Amazon’s Best Seller’s list the entire summer. And the demand for the product has only increased.


Having birthed the idea while playing with his daughters, Mr. Ng took his idea to the next level by creating the Rainbow Loom Kit and selling the enjoyable craft for all to experience. The product was sold while the patent was pending.


The product was advertised, and being a personal creation, the advertising pictures were that of his daughters and wife, making the toy that much more family oriented. Rainbow Loom was originally sold to smaller retailers before signing a contract with the Michael’s Craft chain store.


Small retail owners said the craft was a huge hit and a must-have for families. Children and adults were flooding craft and toys stores looking for this craft. A large following of “Rainbow Loom Funatics” was born via social media and YouTube video demonstrations of unique Rainbow Loom crafts. This was mostly spearheaded by Choon’s very creative daughters.


Kid’s are having so much fun using their imagination created some very interesting rubber Band Crafts. Rainbow Loom has made craft making popular again with techi era kids. Rainbow Loom is doing for the craft industry what Harry Potter did for the book industry.


Kids would rather make crafts with their family and friend rather than staying glued to their remote controls now.  It is a toy/craft that is bringing family back together.


All of the store could not keep the Rainbow Loom kits or Rainbow Loom Bands in stock. They were selling this product like hot cakes.  Matter of fact, Rainbow Loom ran out of inventory for a couple of months because they could not keep up with the demand.


Online stores like E-bay was selling the product originally priced at $14.95 for $36 bucks! Moreover, people were willing to pay the price happily. This obviously caught the attention of enterprising entrepreneurs like Crazy Loom.


For a great understand of Rainbow Looms popularity, read my Rainbow Loom review on why it is the best rubber band craft of 2013.


With the craft being such a major hit, other companies, like LaRose Industries LLC, owner of Crazy Loom (also known as Cra-Z-Loom), jumped on the bandwagon. Cra-Z-Loom was launched by the company LaRose Industries LLC, and sold through the huge retail store, Toys “R” Us.


Cra-Z-Loom used very similar, if not identical, Rainbow Loom tools such as the hook and even the board. They advertised selling colorful rubber bands separately, trinkets to go with the jewelry, and even the “s” hook with the product.


Mr. Ng, noticing the sudden bombardment on his product, decided to sue the company for copyright and patent infringements. He noted that they wrongfully took his idea and sold it as their own. He is suing not only Cra-Z-Loom for this unlawful copyright, but also other companies such as Zenacon, creators of Fun Loom.


Mr. Ng states that the damage done needs to be repaired by the company that created Cra-Z-Loom. Mr. Ng worked hard and took risks to create this craze of a past time when he quit his job and focused on the creation of Rainbow Loom.


Many people had noted that supporting a family crafted product was more desirable than that of a large company.


The outcome of the Rainbow Loom vs. Crazy Loom court case will be decided in the future. But, kids and parents have voted with their wallet by making Rainbow Loom the 1# toy and craft on Amazon’s Best Sellers List. Crazy Loom is a distant 22nd as of this writing.

You be the judge and cast your vote by purchasing the Rainbow Loom or Crazy Loom at Amazon.



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