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Rainbow Loom Kit Review

This Rainbow Loom kit Review is going to give you the 411 on the new rubber band kid’s craft sensation, Rainbow Loom. This review is coming from a kid’s and an adult’s perspective.

Firstly, this product is so popular that it is not staying on the store shelves and difficult to find because it is only sold at selective craft, toy and educational stores. My kids and I had to find out for ourselves what all the fuss was all about.

Rainbow Loom Kit

Rainbow Loom Kit

So, the best place to find the Rainbow Loom kit is online. I purchase the Rainbow Loom Kit at Amazon.

It was very convenient. I own prime so I was able to get it shipped to me within 2 days. My kids and I were so excited. We wanted first hand experience as to why this craft for children is so popular. Now, we know why!

The rubber Band craft teaches you how to make rubber band bracelets and other craft jewelry. The Rainbow Loom kit contains the following items to make up to 24 bracelets-sweet!

You will find:

1. One instructional manual
2. One mini-loom that looks somewhat like a crochet needle
3. Twenty –four c-clips’
4. 600 plus mixed color twistz bands
5. One Rainbow Loom

The Rainbow Loom instructions have some great colorful pictures to help you make simple, single pattern bracelets. Unfortunately, my son and I tried to follow the simple directions via the instructional pictures but could not do it. This is the reason we give it a 4.5 stars out of five on Amazon and named it the Top Rubber Band Craft of 2013.

For your information, the best way to learn how to make the single Rainbow Loom Bracelet is to following the instructional videos and manual simultaneously. This worked best for my son and I.

I think the instructional manual should have written detailed directions underneath each picture for greater clarity.

At present, I am creating an instructional book, The Unofficial Rainbow Loom Craft Book. It will give a complete novice step-by-step pictures and written directions that may make it easier to create a Rainbow Loom craft.

For those that do not have access to the Internet or videos, it maybe more of a challenge to do a Rainbow Loom bracelet but it is not impossible.


There are many craft stores and clubs where kids are getting together all over the USA to make Rainbow Loom craft jewelry. Do a search on the Internet for classes near you.

Another important note, I have experience with using a crochet type needle like the mini Rainbow Loom. Hence, I was able to teach and show my son how to make some of the loops successfully.

Even so, it is not hard for complete beginners to get it, but it will take some practice and patience to make your first Rainbow Loom Bracelet. Like the old adage states, “nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Once I got the hang of it, it took me no time to complete my first Rainbow Loom Bracelet. It was a mixed color creation that was a representative of the rainbow country we live in-The United States of America.

My twelve-year-old son took a little bit longer to complete. I was very proud of him. He was so excited to make the bracelet because it was a little complicated, intricate and different. He had never done a rubber band craft like this one before. He relishes challenges.

It took him awhile to get the hang of using the mini rainbow Loom like a crochet needle. Specifically, pulling the rubber band thru the loop and twisting the hook down and turning the hook up once he existed the hole.

But once he got the hang of it, it was no stopping him. He made three more bracelets thereafter in minutes. You could tell how proud he was of his accomplishment after finishing his bracelets. According to my son, Rainbow Loom bracelets are cool!

He learned invaluable skills like patience, perseverance and persistence while making his Rainbow Loom masterpiece.

He even decided to make a business out of it. He is going to make several custom Rainbow Loom bracelets the color of his friends favorite sports team. There are many Twistz Bandz refill colors like red, black, orange, purple, lime green and fuchsia that he can choice from. He intends to sell each bracelet for two dollars a piece. That is the Kidpreneur in him coming out.

Overall, the Rainbow Loom is truly a fun, educational kid’s craft. Kids will work on their eye and hand coordination skills using this craft. Additionally, they will work on cognitive, visual and spatial perception skills. Finally, they will learn a little math skills by making geometric shapes like rhombus, diamond, and honeycomb.

More importantly, they will have tons of fun using their imagination making craft jewelry they can be very proud of for hours.

To check out this awesome rubber band craft for kids go here.

If you have one, please give your own Rainbow Loom kit review below.

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