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How To Make A Rubber Band Bracelets

Why does everyone want to know how to make a rubber band bracelet? More important, why does everyone want to learn how to make a Rainbow Loom bracelet?  The reason why it is one of the most searched craft on the internet is because it is just plain ole fashion fun for little girls and boys. Moreover, rubber band crafts are one of  the most cheapest, easiest and best children’s craft to make in the 21st century!

How to make a rubber band bracelet

How to make a rubber band bracelet with Rainbow Loom.

How to make rubber band Rainbow Loom Bracelets are very simple. You can find an instructional guide in the Rainbow Loom Kit and you can go on Youtube to find instructional videos.  Unfortunately, even though a picture is worth a thousand words, the Rainbow Loom instructional manual does not include written instructions.

This is one of the reasons I gave it a four stars out of five in my Rainbow Loom review.

This post will include written instructions along with a homemade video that will make it easy for you to create your very own simple pattern Rainbow Loom Bracelet.

Rubber Band Craft dot Com hopes that our Rainbow Loom instructions will help big kids and little kids make some cool Rainbow Loom Bracelets!

Enclosed are step-by-step instructions on how to make a “simple pattern” Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelet using the Mini Rainbow Loom.

You will need the following tools to make a Mini  Rainbow Loom Bracelet ( All of these items come in the Rainbow Loom Kit):

1. Mini Rainbow Loom

2. Twistz Bandz ( Rainbow Loom Bands)

3. C-clips

4. Patience

5. Perserverance

6. Practice

7. and a positive attitude

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to make a rubber band bracelet using a Mini-Rainbow Loom:

First, open the Mini-Rainbow Loom and hold in your hand the blue device. Place the the yellow hook section down for the moment. Next, take a color Twistz band, open and place it between the hook inside the blue.  Then, pull the band tight to close and bring together like a string toward the left hand side. Now, place the band tightly around the second open hook area and pull it toward right side, Open the band and place over the hook again. If done correctly, you should have an X shape in the middle of the blue device.

This is the most intricate and important part of the bracelet development. If you don’t get it right the first time, do not worry. Please try again, it will become much more doable and easy once you practice these moves. You will be able to do it with your eyes closed.

Now, it is time to create the rubber band string of your bracelet. You will use the yellow crochet type hook of the Mini-Rainbow Loom. Take the hook and attach a rubber to the hook and weave it underneath the rubber hook section of the blue device. Bring the rubber band half way to the other side and hook the other part of the band on the yellow crochet like needle part. It should look like a U shape.

Next, take another band and put in on the hook portion of the yellow part of the Mini Loom. Pull the rubber band through by turning in downward with a twist of your wrist and put it through the rubber band in a U shape format. Bring it upwards and attach the other portion of the same band over top of the needle to show another U shape.

Please repeat the steps for at least 25 times to create the formation of your single pattern bracelet. After you complete the 25 loops, remove the band from the blue portion of the mini-loom and attach the other end of the rubber band to the C-clip. This will help you fasten the bracelet.

Tada, you have made your first Rainbow Loom Bracelet. Congratulation!!


Rainbow Loom twistz bandz come in over 25 fun and unique colors! They have your favorite colors like blue, pink, purple, lime green, and even have Glow In The Dark,just to name a few. Have fun create different colors with different meaning…check out our Memorial Day Rainbow Loom Bracelet.

If all of these instruction still confuse you, look at the How To Make A Rainbow Loom Bracelet below for further clarity. You should be able to do your own rubber band bracelet by following this single pattern Rainbow Loom Bracelet instructional video.

Opps! Rriiver  means rubber band in the video instead of bracelet. Sorry for the confusion!!!

It’s rubber band not bracelet,Rriiver!!!!! It’s his first acting gig. He is a little nervous….lol




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