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Top 5 Rubber Band Bracelet Designs

For those of you who are trying to make the Top 5 Rubber Band Bracelet Designs in the neighborhood, here are the best according to the highest Youtube views!

Before you begin to try these more complicated designs, it is best to make sure you know how to do the basic Rainbow Loom single pattern design. After you have master it, you are now ready to take on more challenging and fun bracelet designs that will make your peers envious.

Great Rubber Band Craft books and tutorial videos will help you pull it off successfully. You may have to watch the instructional videos over and over again to get it. Don’t fret! Be patient and you will accomplish your goal of creating a cool rubber band bracelet in no time at all.

Below are some of the best Rainbow Loom creative bracelets designs that you can make with your kids for a fun time with arts and crafts.

Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet: This bracelet will make your wrists pop with color and excitement as you show them off to friends and family members. This one exists to remind you that you are always a star!

Rainbow Loom Hexafish Bracelet: A bracelet that reflects the brilliant and varying colors of life under the sea. This one is a great project for trips to the beach and as a memento to remember the occasion!


Rainbow Loom Raindrop Bracelet: Ever had a rainy day with nothing to do? Well, the next time you are feeling down about the rain, try making this festive bracelet that will lift your spirits in no time! This design is great for indoor days where it is cold and yucky outside but will still entertain you.


Rainbow Loom Zippy Chain Bracelet: Are you up for a challenge? If you are, then this bracelet will test your ability to make Rainbow Looms as never before. This bracelet is perfect for those looking to put their Rainbow Looms skills to the limit!


There you have it,the Top 5 Rubber Band Bracelet Designs that girls and boys enjoy making for all occasions. As you can see, you can not make these craft designs without a really good Rainbow Loom Bracelet kit. To add more uniqueness to your design, you should try many different rubber band color combinations.

Please come back to review these great videos and get more fun information that will make your rubber band craft adventure a delight.

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Rainbow Loom vs Fun Loom

Rainbow Loom vs Fun Loom

Rainbow Loom vs Fun Loom

Rainbow Loom vs. Fun Loom is one of the first of two lawsuits that the creator of Rainbow Loom filed. Why is everyone and their mother copying the Rainbow Loom?

It is real simple. The Rainbow Loom Kit is a major hit with the kids and has made the creator, Mr. Ng, a millionaire. Kids are making necklaces, hair ornaments, bracelets, anklets, rings and other unique crafts. The craft ideas are numerous with this great craft toy.

Unfortunately, the enormous success and popularity of the rubber band craft drew a lot of copy-cats that want to take a piece of the financial pie. One major company that Mr. Cheong Choon Ng is facing current legal issues with is Zenacon, the creator of Fun Loom.

Mr. Verona, founder of Zenacon, copied several of Mr. Ng’s products without Mr. Ng’s consent. Not only was the idea copied, but so were the products, such as the much needed “c” hook and the selling of rubber bands separately. Even the selling prices are the same, at $14.99. Fun Loom can make all the same crafts as Rainbow Loom!

Mr. Verona claims that Fun Loom is not exactly the same as Mr. Ng’s, and not only that, but the idea for the craft had been around before; it was nothing original. One major issue Mr. Ng faced when Zenacon copied his product was the use of Mr. Ng’s advertising photos. They are incredibly similar.

The photos Mr. Ng used were that of his family, making the product that much more personal. Zenacon, as previously stated, used nearly identical photos for advertising their Fun Loom product.

Zenacon sells their product, Fun Loom, through other large retail stores, such as Wal-Mart.
Upon creating his novel craft, Mr. Ng immediately got a patent for his idea in 2010. The patent, about 50 claims, clearly states that Mr. Ng was the inventor of the product. Not only was he the inventor, but he held claims to the product, without entitling other companies (such as Zenacon or Cra-Z-Art) to sell without his consent.

The patent is not expired and is still eligible today. Mr. Ng states that Zenacon clearly infringed upon at least 13 of his claims and continues to do so incessantly and willingly, making matters that much more invading to Mr. Ng.

Selling Fun Loom without consent and copying his product outright is what has gotten Zenacon and LaRose Industries LLC into a legal mess. We don’t know what the outcome of Rainbow Loom vs. Fun Loom or Rainbow Loom vs. Crazy Loom will be.

Fortunately, their battle has produced plenty of fun craft toys for your little girl and boy. You can get your Rainbow Loom, Crazy Loom and Fun Loom products at Amazon.

These wonderful rubber band crafts makes an awesome holiday gift and don’t forget to get your supply of extra rubber bands.

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Rainbow Loom vs Crazy Loom

Rainbow Loom vs. Crazy Loom is a craft war that has turned the rubber band craft industry upside down. The creators of Rainbow Loom are suing a lot of Rainbow Loom copycats that have popped up from out of the woodwork!


Rainbow Loom Vs. Crazy Loom

Rainbow Loom Vs. Crazy Loom

Rainbow Loom is a rubber band craft that has become the all-time favorite craft activity for children and adults alike, was created by Mr. Cheong Choon Ng in 2010. It has been number one on Amazon’s Best Seller’s list the entire summer. And the demand for the product has only increased.


Having birthed the idea while playing with his daughters, Mr. Ng took his idea to the next level by creating the Rainbow Loom Kit and selling the enjoyable craft for all to experience. The product was sold while the patent was pending.


The product was advertised, and being a personal creation, the advertising pictures were that of his daughters and wife, making the toy that much more family oriented. Rainbow Loom was originally sold to smaller retailers before signing a contract with the Michael’s Craft chain store.


Small retail owners said the craft was a huge hit and a must-have for families. Children and adults were flooding craft and toys stores looking for this craft. A large following of “Rainbow Loom Funatics” was born via social media and YouTube video demonstrations of unique Rainbow Loom crafts. This was mostly spearheaded by Choon’s very creative daughters.


Kid’s are having so much fun using their imagination created some very interesting rubber Band Crafts. Rainbow Loom has made craft making popular again with techi era kids. Rainbow Loom is doing for the craft industry what Harry Potter did for the book industry.


Kids would rather make crafts with their family and friend rather than staying glued to their remote controls now.  It is a toy/craft that is bringing family back together.


All of the store could not keep the Rainbow Loom kits or Rainbow Loom Bands in stock. They were selling this product like hot cakes.  Matter of fact, Rainbow Loom ran out of inventory for a couple of months because they could not keep up with the demand.


Online stores like E-bay was selling the product originally priced at $14.95 for $36 bucks! Moreover, people were willing to pay the price happily. This obviously caught the attention of enterprising entrepreneurs like Crazy Loom.


For a great understand of Rainbow Looms popularity, read my Rainbow Loom review on why it is the best rubber band craft of 2013.


With the craft being such a major hit, other companies, like LaRose Industries LLC, owner of Crazy Loom (also known as Cra-Z-Loom), jumped on the bandwagon. Cra-Z-Loom was launched by the company LaRose Industries LLC, and sold through the huge retail store, Toys “R” Us.


Cra-Z-Loom used very similar, if not identical, Rainbow Loom tools such as the hook and even the board. They advertised selling colorful rubber bands separately, trinkets to go with the jewelry, and even the “s” hook with the product.


Mr. Ng, noticing the sudden bombardment on his product, decided to sue the company for copyright and patent infringements. He noted that they wrongfully took his idea and sold it as their own. He is suing not only Cra-Z-Loom for this unlawful copyright, but also other companies such as Zenacon, creators of Fun Loom.


Mr. Ng states that the damage done needs to be repaired by the company that created Cra-Z-Loom. Mr. Ng worked hard and took risks to create this craze of a past time when he quit his job and focused on the creation of Rainbow Loom.


Many people had noted that supporting a family crafted product was more desirable than that of a large company.


The outcome of the Rainbow Loom vs. Crazy Loom court case will be decided in the future. But, kids and parents have voted with their wallet by making Rainbow Loom the 1# toy and craft on Amazon’s Best Sellers List. Crazy Loom is a distant 22nd as of this writing.

You be the judge and cast your vote by purchasing the Rainbow Loom or Crazy Loom at Amazon.



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Rainbow Loom Halloween Craft Ideas

Rainbow Loom Halloween Craft Ideas

Rainbow Loom Halloween Craft Ideas

Rainbow Loom Halloween craft ideas are plentiful this holiday season.


Rainbow Loom, an innovative way for kids to do crafts using rubber bands, has so many incredible, creative options. Not only is this product easy to use, but it is inexpensive as well as fun.


With the up and coming holiday, Halloween, Rainbow Loom has created Glow-In-The-Dark rubber bands to spruce up anyone’s project.


Not only can kids have a black and orange festive bracelet, but by adding the glow-in-the-dark rubber bands, it becomes a whole new level of creativity. The glow-in-the-dark rubber bands come in a package including 600 bands, and 25 “c” clips, making 24 bracelets.


The rubber bands can be bought in one color packages, or a package of multiple colors. The colors are basic, such as yellow, green, red, purple, blue, pink, orange, black, and now glow-in-the-dark.


To add to the festive feel of a Halloween jewelry piece, Rainbow Loom also created Halloween charm sets. There are several different options that Rainbow Loom provides, such as pumpkins, candy corn, ghosts, and even costumed rubber ducks.

Not only can children create bracelets, but because of Rainbow Looms creative design, kids are able to build all sorts of fun and exciting things. Crafts can range from headbands and necklaces, to rings, earrings and bracelets, and even key chains.


Here is a cool Rainbow Loom Halloween craft idea I know you’ll love!


Wouldn’t be cool to have your hair glow in the dark during Halloween. Well, with Glow in the dark bands you can interweave the rubber bands in your plaited hair.  Tricker Treaters will see you miles away.


The Rainbow Loom can even be used to brighten up hair brushes and other similar accessories. Rainbow Loom even provides letter blocks to personalize each piece, making for a wonderful  home-made craft gift for family and friends.


All of these designs can be spruced up with glow-in-the-dark, orange, and black rubber bands. It will make each craft that much more exciting and Halloweenish.


Mr. Cheong Choon Ng’s creation not only brightens each child’s imagination with his new and innovative craft, but the addition of holiday trinkets and eye-catching colored rubber bands makes this toy something each family will love and enjoy time and time again.


Have a boo-tiful Halloween!


Halloween Safety Tip:  By wearing Glow in the Dark Bands, kids maybe seen by cars and others while they dart from house to house after those wonderful treats. This may save unwelcome accidents from happening on this fun-filled holiday.




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How To Make A Rubber Band Bracelets

Why does everyone want to know how to make a rubber band bracelet? More important, why does everyone want to learn how to make a Rainbow Loom bracelet?  The reason why it is one of the most searched craft on the internet is because it is just plain ole fashion fun for little girls and boys. Moreover, rubber band crafts are one of  the most cheapest, easiest and best children’s craft to make in the 21st century!

How to make a rubber band bracelet

How to make a rubber band bracelet with Rainbow Loom.

How to make rubber band Rainbow Loom Bracelets are very simple. You can find an instructional guide in the Rainbow Loom Kit and you can go on Youtube to find instructional videos.  Unfortunately, even though a picture is worth a thousand words, the Rainbow Loom instructional manual does not include written instructions.

This is one of the reasons I gave it a four stars out of five in my Rainbow Loom review.

This post will include written instructions along with a homemade video that will make it easy for you to create your very own simple pattern Rainbow Loom Bracelet.

Rubber Band Craft dot Com hopes that our Rainbow Loom instructions will help big kids and little kids make some cool Rainbow Loom Bracelets!

Enclosed are step-by-step instructions on how to make a “simple pattern” Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelet using the Mini Rainbow Loom.

You will need the following tools to make a Mini  Rainbow Loom Bracelet ( All of these items come in the Rainbow Loom Kit):

1. Mini Rainbow Loom

2. Twistz Bandz ( Rainbow Loom Bands)

3. C-clips

4. Patience

5. Perserverance

6. Practice

7. and a positive attitude

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to make a rubber band bracelet using a Mini-Rainbow Loom:

First, open the Mini-Rainbow Loom and hold in your hand the blue device. Place the the yellow hook section down for the moment. Next, take a color Twistz band, open and place it between the hook inside the blue.  Then, pull the band tight to close and bring together like a string toward the left hand side. Now, place the band tightly around the second open hook area and pull it toward right side, Open the band and place over the hook again. If done correctly, you should have an X shape in the middle of the blue device.

This is the most intricate and important part of the bracelet development. If you don’t get it right the first time, do not worry. Please try again, it will become much more doable and easy once you practice these moves. You will be able to do it with your eyes closed.

Now, it is time to create the rubber band string of your bracelet. You will use the yellow crochet type hook of the Mini-Rainbow Loom. Take the hook and attach a rubber to the hook and weave it underneath the rubber hook section of the blue device. Bring the rubber band half way to the other side and hook the other part of the band on the yellow crochet like needle part. It should look like a U shape.

Next, take another band and put in on the hook portion of the yellow part of the Mini Loom. Pull the rubber band through by turning in downward with a twist of your wrist and put it through the rubber band in a U shape format. Bring it upwards and attach the other portion of the same band over top of the needle to show another U shape.

Please repeat the steps for at least 25 times to create the formation of your single pattern bracelet. After you complete the 25 loops, remove the band from the blue portion of the mini-loom and attach the other end of the rubber band to the C-clip. This will help you fasten the bracelet.

Tada, you have made your first Rainbow Loom Bracelet. Congratulation!!


Rainbow Loom twistz bandz come in over 25 fun and unique colors! They have your favorite colors like blue, pink, purple, lime green, and even have Glow In The Dark,just to name a few. Have fun create different colors with different meaning…check out our Memorial Day Rainbow Loom Bracelet.

If all of these instruction still confuse you, look at the How To Make A Rainbow Loom Bracelet below for further clarity. You should be able to do your own rubber band bracelet by following this single pattern Rainbow Loom Bracelet instructional video.

Opps! Rriiver  means rubber band in the video instead of bracelet. Sorry for the confusion!!!

It’s rubber band not bracelet,Rriiver!!!!! It’s his first acting gig. He is a little nervous….lol




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What is in the Rainbow Loom Kit?

What is in the Rainbow Loom Kit is investigated by Rriiver Nyile, a homeschooled youth, who is very excited about this new kid craft. He is going to dive deep into the mystery of this exciting new rubber band craft that kids are going crazy over-especially girls.

But, boys like this fun craft, too.  Rriiver has plans for his assortment of rubber band bracelets.  He intends to get all of the color twistz Bandz Refills with C- Clips to make all of his favorite NFL, NBA and MLB teams. (Luckily, he makes his own money.  Otherwise, it would be a little costly for his parents.)

Then, he plans to make custom Rainbow Loom Bracelets for his friends. They can pick out their favorite colors and he will design a special rubber band bracelet just for them for a small fee of about $1. He is going to share a demonstration video in a future post so stay tuned. He has the entrepreneur spirit!

For now, check out this video of  Elon sharing what is in the Rainbow Loom Kit so you can join in the fun if you decide to make your own Rainbow Loom craft . For more information about the Rainbow Loom, see our Rainbow Loom Review.

The Rainbow Loom kit contains the following items to make up to 24 bracelets. Wow,you get a lot of bang for your buck! You can make rings, necklaces, anklets, and even a handbag!

Here are the items that you will find in your Rainbow Loom Kit:

1. One instructional manual
2. One Mini-Rainbow Loom that looks somewhat like a crochet needle
3. Twenty-four c-clips ( this is used to fasten your bracelet)
4. 600 plus mixed color refill twistz bands (It takes 24 Rainbow Loom Bands to make one bracelet)
5. One Rainbow Loom

The Rainbow Loom instructional manual has some great colorful pictures to help you make simple, single pattern bracelets with the Mini-Rainbow Loom and on the other side you will find some instructional images to make a more complex bracelets using the Rainbow Loom.

You can make rubber brand bracelets in the shape of a diamond, rhombus and even honeycomb. This designs take a little more time and attention but are a lot of fun to make.

Also, you can try the new cool Twistz Bands Refill colors like Neon Green, Glow In The Dark, Neon Orange and Fushia. These are the new  hot bands that kids are using to make some really awesome craft jewelry.

Check Rubber Band Craft Dot Com for instructional videos on the simple and more complex bracelets video and pictorial instructions.

You can also visit our Rubber Band Crafts youtube Channels for more Rainbow Loom instructional videos in the near future.

Safety First-Rainbow Loom is suggested for kids 8 years and above. Please do not let children 5 and below to play with these craft. The rubber bands may cause choking if children 3 and below try to put in their mouth which may cause a choking effect.

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Rainbow Loom Kit Review

This Rainbow Loom kit Review is going to give you the 411 on the new rubber band kid’s craft sensation, Rainbow Loom. This review is coming from a kid’s and an adult’s perspective.

Firstly, this product is so popular that it is not staying on the store shelves and difficult to find because it is only sold at selective craft, toy and educational stores. My kids and I had to find out for ourselves what all the fuss was all about.

Rainbow Loom Kit

Rainbow Loom Kit

So, the best place to find the Rainbow Loom kit is online. I purchase the Rainbow Loom Kit at Amazon.

It was very convenient. I own prime so I was able to get it shipped to me within 2 days. My kids and I were so excited. We wanted first hand experience as to why this craft for children is so popular. Now, we know why!

The rubber Band craft teaches you how to make rubber band bracelets and other craft jewelry. The Rainbow Loom kit contains the following items to make up to 24 bracelets-sweet!

You will find:

1. One instructional manual
2. One mini-loom that looks somewhat like a crochet needle
3. Twenty –four c-clips’
4. 600 plus mixed color twistz bands
5. One Rainbow Loom

The Rainbow Loom instructions have some great colorful pictures to help you make simple, single pattern bracelets. Unfortunately, my son and I tried to follow the simple directions via the instructional pictures but could not do it. This is the reason we give it a 4.5 stars out of five on Amazon and named it the Top Rubber Band Craft of 2013.

For your information, the best way to learn how to make the single Rainbow Loom Bracelet is to following the instructional videos and manual simultaneously. This worked best for my son and I.

I think the instructional manual should have written detailed directions underneath each picture for greater clarity.

At present, I am creating an instructional book, The Unofficial Rainbow Loom Craft Book. It will give a complete novice step-by-step pictures and written directions that may make it easier to create a Rainbow Loom craft.

For those that do not have access to the Internet or videos, it maybe more of a challenge to do a Rainbow Loom bracelet but it is not impossible.


There are many craft stores and clubs where kids are getting together all over the USA to make Rainbow Loom craft jewelry. Do a search on the Internet for classes near you.

Another important note, I have experience with using a crochet type needle like the mini Rainbow Loom. Hence, I was able to teach and show my son how to make some of the loops successfully.

Even so, it is not hard for complete beginners to get it, but it will take some practice and patience to make your first Rainbow Loom Bracelet. Like the old adage states, “nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Once I got the hang of it, it took me no time to complete my first Rainbow Loom Bracelet. It was a mixed color creation that was a representative of the rainbow country we live in-The United States of America.

My twelve-year-old son took a little bit longer to complete. I was very proud of him. He was so excited to make the bracelet because it was a little complicated, intricate and different. He had never done a rubber band craft like this one before. He relishes challenges.

It took him awhile to get the hang of using the mini rainbow Loom like a crochet needle. Specifically, pulling the rubber band thru the loop and twisting the hook down and turning the hook up once he existed the hole.

But once he got the hang of it, it was no stopping him. He made three more bracelets thereafter in minutes. You could tell how proud he was of his accomplishment after finishing his bracelets. According to my son, Rainbow Loom bracelets are cool!

He learned invaluable skills like patience, perseverance and persistence while making his Rainbow Loom masterpiece.

He even decided to make a business out of it. He is going to make several custom Rainbow Loom bracelets the color of his friends favorite sports team. There are many Twistz Bandz refill colors like red, black, orange, purple, lime green and fuchsia that he can choice from. He intends to sell each bracelet for two dollars a piece. That is the Kidpreneur in him coming out.

Overall, the Rainbow Loom is truly a fun, educational kid’s craft. Kids will work on their eye and hand coordination skills using this craft. Additionally, they will work on cognitive, visual and spatial perception skills. Finally, they will learn a little math skills by making geometric shapes like rhombus, diamond, and honeycomb.

More importantly, they will have tons of fun using their imagination making craft jewelry they can be very proud of for hours.

To check out this awesome rubber band craft for kids go here.

If you have one, please give your own Rainbow Loom kit review below.

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Top Rubber Band Craft of 2013-Rainbow Loom

Top Rubber Band Craft of 2013 Rainbow Loom

Top Rubber Band Craft-Rainbow Loom

Do you know the top rubber band craft for 2013? It’s Rainbow Loom formerly known as Twistz Bandz. It is the coolest craft for kids to date! The Rainbow Loom bracelet is the most popular one to make.

There has never been such a craze for rubber bands since the Silly Bandz phenomenon several years ago. With Silly Bandz, kids were going ga, ga over colorful, funny looking bandz that they could wear on their wrist.

Well, Rainbow Loom has taken rubber band bracelets to the next level. Yes, kids, pre-teens, and teens can make their own color rubber band jewelry of various shapes, sizes and colors. This is so much more fun than having bands already made for you. Now, you can create your own special craft jewelry.

Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom was created by Mr. Choon, an engineer by trade. You see, he was on a mission to impress his two girls with a cool modern day rubber craft that would keep them busy, educated and entertained for hours. Who would have know he would be inspiring kids from all over the world with this awesome kid’s craft.

One parent reported just days ago that she and other parents with kids were  in a long line 30 people deep  to get into a store to purchase the hottest kids craft of spring, summer and maybe even Christmas.  Many toys, arts & crafts and educational stores are running out of looms and many of the refill color bands.  They cannot keep them in stock.

No worries, you can find Rainbow Loom, refill color bands, and replacement parts at Amazon.  If you have Amazon prime, they will ship the item for FREE in 2 days! Also, Amazon offers Super-Saver FREE shipping for orders $25 dollars or more.

An online purchase of Rainbow Loom at Amazon will save many parents and grandparents time, money, energy and stress. It is so easy to do and you can have it shipped to your front door in a couple of day.

So, you may be wondering what is so special about Rainbow Loom. Parents love this rubber band craft because it is teaching girls and boys how to make beautiful arts and crafts using math and their imagination! Finally, a kid’s craft that can give video games a run for its money!

Yes, they have great geometric design rhombus, diamond, honeycomb, raindrop and heart shape bracelets, necklace and rings. This kid craft toy is in its infancy. They are creating new interesting and imaginative designs on a daily basis –and your kids can join in the fun now!

Children of all ages adore Rainbow Loom because it is fun using bright colors making jewelry that is unique and different than the traditional rubber band craft jewelry. They even have glow in the dark refill bands that kids can play with at night time. Many kids have friendly band making contest  with their peers.


Are you ready to become a Rainbow Loom Funatic and make some cool craft jewelry?  Here is want you need to start having fun today:

For first timers, you will need to purchase the Rainbow Loom kit. The kit contains everything you need to create bracelets, rings, anklets, necklaces and even a cute little bag.

Enclosed you will find the following:

  1. Instruction manual with pictures
  2. Rainbow Loom
  3. Mini Rainbow Loom
  4. Hook with base opener
  5. A bag of C-Clips
  6. 600 plus of mixed colored rubber bands (You can make about 24 bracelets with this supply!)

There are some additional solid colors you can purchase separately. Each Twistz Bandz color pack contains 600 plus non-latex bands and c-clips.

At Amazon, young people can purchase their favorite colors that have positive and inspirational meanings (this will make every kid feel special at heart):

  1. Purple Bands means- royalty, magic, and truthfulness
  2. Pink Bands means- friendship, love, beauty, and breast cancer awareness
  3. Red Bands means- confidence, courage, and vitality
  4. Caramel Bands means- bold, Autumn, and sweet
  5. Yellow Bands means- strong, courageous, hope, confident, and determined
  6. Turquoise Bands means- clear, open, friendship and happy
  7. Ocean Blue bands means – tropical, peace, relax, and sky
  8. Navy Blue Bands means- Twilight, ocean, and sky
  9. Burgundy Bands means- power, warrior, and warmth
  10. White Bands means- pure, snow, and kindness
  11. Lime Green Bands means- earth, nature, young, relax, and St. Patrick’s Day
  12. Olive Green Bands means – Young, Life, earth, and harmony
  13. Dark Green Bands means- Balance, self-control and Christmas
  14. Grey Bands Means- neutral and intelligent
  15. Orange Bands means- warmth, happiness, Halloween and compassion
  16. Black Bnads means – cool, peace, elegance, Halloween and mysterious
  17. Glow n Dark Bands – Halloween, illumination, energetic, exciting
  18. Mixed Colors Bands  means- unity, harmony, truth, justice, reciprocity, order, and love


Before you go running off to make your purchase for this great educational children’s craft, here are some safety precautions you need to know:

  1. Rainbow Loom is recommended for children 8 years old and above.
  2. It is not recommended for children 3 and below due to choking potential.
  3. The functional hook does have a sharp point.
  4. Don’t wear bracelets around the neck.
  5. If redness of skin develops while wearing the necklace, immediately remove the item. If symptoms worsen, please consult a licensed health professional.


For your information, Rainbow Loom is certified and meets US Toy Safety Standards.

Well, there you have it! Rainbow Loom, the winner of the 2011 Craft and Hobby Association Innovations award, is definitely the top rubber band craft of 2013. This rubber band craft is loved by parents and grandparents because it can teach math and stimulate the imagination for a child’s lifetime of learning.

Kids love Rainbow Loom because it is fun making colorful jewelry that they can show-off to their friends and family. It is a win-win craft toy that both parents and kids can agree upon.






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